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4 – Easy Way To Earn Online Money

If you really want to make money (full time or part-time), required only one thing “FOCUS” and yes Focus is just one side of the coin, the other side is building values. If you have passion to achieve something and Focus on this, then you can achieve whatever you want. I personally know so many qualified people with bachelor or master degree, they do nothing and wasting there precious time in age between 24 to 28 and after wasting there time finally they realized that they had a lot of options to earn money.

Actually there are so many way to earn online like, participate social media contest (facebook, twitter and other) but some time people take advantage form this kind of contest they make some fake contest and collect our personal date and sell them on heavy price.So i am not going to talk about this kind of contest, actually i am share some easy and interesting way to earn online money with zero effort.

Upload video on YouTube

Its a effortless method to make money via online and this way to earn money is popular among students. now i am going to describe step by step way to start earning via YouTube.

1 Go to your youtube then setting and setup your youtube channel (remember channel name is unique).

2 Create a video and upload this video via your channel.

3 Gain audience- its a key step to increasing your money so make sure you have a lot of subscribers.

4 Monetize your video- after upload a video you have to monetize your video in youtube setting.

5 Set up google adsence.

6 Enjoy earning!

If you are not able to understand then see below a youtube tutorial.


Trading online  

Investing is one of the easiest money making method only from a technical viewpoints means if some one able to read technical chart of shareholding companies then this is the right place to earn money. there is some steps to trading online.

1 If you are going to trading then you should have a Demat account if you have not then first open a demat account.

2 After having a demat account you are able to Buy OR Sell Shares.

NOTE- This method is very risky, Invest your money if and only if you able to read technical chart of shareholding companies.


Sport’s Betting

Even if this kind of activity is viewed as one of the riskiest way but if you could be patient and manage the risk then this can be a great money generating method. sport’s betting is illegal activity in many country but you can betting via online in any country. If you really interest to earn faster or able to handle risks then this is the right way to earn money.

NOTE – Sport’s betting is banned in India.

Online surveys

A survey is a type of statistical survey where the participants/members are rewarded thought the incentive program. Actually in survey site, they used to collect quantitative information about some kind of brads or product etc. Survey takes hardly 10 to 15 minutes.

Here is some best paid survey site


my survey


the opinion panel community

valued opinion   

I Hope This Helps!


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