4 Interesting Fact About sleep

Fact you know about sleeping

As we know when we sleep our subconscious mind continue to work. Most people who have struggled with some mathematical or other reasoning problem, they have found the answer easily while sleep. The reason behind the dreams are not fully understood but dreams mainly occur in REM(rapid-eye movement) stage of sleep. Here are 10 amazing facts about dreams that you want to know.


Fact #1 Dreams helps to discover

Yes! Dreams are responsible for many of the greatest inventions of mankind. Dreams and sleep are proportional, if we sleep more we dreamt more. Dreams are allow the mind to reconfigure data to a useful patterns and this can help to inventions. Here is few example who responsible for greatest inventions :

1 logical way to organize the chemical elements – DMITRI MENDELEEV

2 The idea of google – LARRY PAGE

3 Mathematical Genius – SRINIVAS RAMANUJAM

4 The sewing machine – ELIAS HOWE

5 Theory of Relativity – ALBERT EINSTEIN

6 Alternating current generator – TESLA

Fact#2 dreams about sex


It is no wonder that we dream about sex. I mention some popular reason why we dreams about sex while we sleep.

1 If you are unable to complete the sexual act with your partner.

2 watching others to having sex or watching porn videos or feeling insecure about your own sexuality.

3 sexual desire

4 talking to your friends about sexual topic

5 sexual object

6 interpretations of different sexual acts

wait wait wait

Dreaming of sex is not really about sex actually it is a psychological perspective, dreams about having sex may symbolize the merging of contrasting aspects of yourself or a need to incorporate aspects of your dreams sex partner into yourself.

Fact#3 black/white or colored dreaming

Mostly people don’t know about their dreaming color and people generally thought most of their dreams were black and white but The recent studies say that dream objects are neither colored nor black and white, respondents themselves must not realize this , even about their own immediately past dreams.According to the studies of “schredl et al.” and “murzyn” dream recall report more colored and less black and white.

Fact#4sleep walking

Sleepwalking is rare but it is dangerous sleep disorder. Sleep walking is generally occurs in extreme REM(rapid eye movement). People who suffer from sleep behavior disorder(RBD) act out their dreams. People who suffer with RBD associated with



Sleep taking

Sleep walking



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