777888999 A Hoax Message

In Recent days A Message goes viral over social media specially on what’s app According to this message,

Dear what’s app user please read this message carefully.. It’s not a joke.. In between 12.00AM to 3.00AM don’t pick the phone call from the following number 777888999.. yes it’s a 9 digit mobile number. Ti’s not fake 15 people died because of lifting the call. One lady will speak to the call receives,, and she will tell that it’s the last call for you…. Please pass this message to all .

According to the rumors on social media if you received this phone call your phone blast immediately and some images are also added with this viral message to fear in people. This message spread in many language all over the India specially in Tamil and Karnataka.

Actually A few year ago a similar message gone viral in different country all over the world with there std codes. According to this similar message if some one received calls they died immediately.

This message also a hot topic over news channel. I am providing a video link in which news channel talking about this hoax message.

So guys actuality it’s a fake message and all added images are also fake. This kind of shits can’t be happen but yes if your phone is plug in this may be happen but beside this there is 0(zero) possibilities to blast with single phone call.

Please guys it’s a humble request to all don’t trust all social media first you should check the possibilities and search on Google and other search engine and then trust this kind of messages.

If i get any further update, i will surely update here so keep visiting my site and enjoy.

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