Hero Alom – A Bangladeshi Celebrity

End of 2016, a video goes viral on social media as well as news channels. In this video a man who had neither looks or physique save a girl life with his extraordinary action power or attitude and Hero Alom’s pictures with beautiful girls are going to viral and this making guys feel inferior and jealous. Actually his real name is Ashraful Alom. Here is an interesting story to become a Bangladeshi celebrity, today I collect all the information about Ashraful Alom (Hero Alom).

Ashraful Alom lives in Erulia union of bogra district. Earlier in his life alom’s father remarried and abandoned Alom and his mother. After that Alom start father’s business to sell Chanachur, due to this Alom could not continue his study.

Ashraful Alom was running two business in a day he selling chanachur and night he provided a satellite dish line and CDs. A person named Abdur Razzak who used to live in the same village and regular customer to ashraful and later Razzak adopted ashraful.

Ashraful Alom is a hard working and high ambitious person and always cherished a dream to become a star. Ashraful knew that his looks and physique is not good but he didn’t lose hope and work hard for his dreams . In 2008 Ashraful produce fast video but this musical video is not successful but Ashraful not lose her temper and produce new video in a raw and by steps Ashraful become famous in his community and Bangladesh.

Recently Ashraful uploaded a video with a beauty lady on youtube and it become viral and he become popular overnight. Ashraful produced 500 videos. After a tremendous success ashraful get offer some of Bangladeshi director.

Beside this success people are making jokes and fun of ashraful’s looks and physique. Some of people making fun to said other that “ keeping there hopes high because of Alom”.here is i present social media reaction of Hero Alom.

I know this seems crazy but Hero Alom has even left behind Indian celebrity on google search in 2016.In 2017 Hero Alom casting in more then 5 short movies in Bangladesh and in 2016 Hero Alom is 100% Hero all over the world.

If i get any further update, i will surely update here so keep visiting my site and enjoy.

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